Wedding bands are obviously an essential accessory for any married couple, but what about all the occasions that call for getting your hands a little dirty? Our friends over at QALO (Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors) answer this with their product: the functional wedding ring! Not only are these silicone bands a practical solution for wearing your wedding ring during any activity, but they are stylish + comfortable. Um, sign us up! We were thrilled to have them as a vendor a couple weeks ago at The Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles and we can’t wait to share more about them with you today!

In 2012, two friends found themselves newly married, loving their wives but hating their wedding rings. The two led active lifestyles and their traditional wedding bands weren’t meshing with their day-to-day activities. Their wives told them, “If you aren’t going to wear your wedding ring, then you had better figure something else out!” So they did just that. The pair searched for a metal ring replacement that was safe and comfortable, but found nothing. They needed something that wouldn’t hold bacteria, wouldn’t cause irritation, and had high boiling point and low freezing points… then it dawned on them. Silicone! Thus, QALO was born.

QALO’s mission, built on the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, serves to inspire people to embrace and share the power of commitment. QALO’s goal is not to replace the traditional wedding band, but to supplement it. Whether it’s a date night out or a day at the office, we believe QALO rings bring style, comfort and safety to any occasion!

“My husband and I couldn’t live without our QALO rings. We wear them every single morning at the gym! Anytime I don’t don’t feel safe wearing my diamond I put my QALO on. We even wore them on our honeymoon!” – Landrum, Big Fake Wedding team member

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QALO (1, 4) | Andy Dalton (2) | Hannah Eden (3)

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